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Sometimes it can be difficult to try and figure out what and where to begin when you find out your pregnant. Here are some tips to get you started.I hope you enjoy this video on everything you need to know on what you need to do when you find out you are pregnant.

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StyleGuruZak's Gender Reveal

It has truly been a bumpy little month. From my body changes to the discomforts that come with pregnancy, I can honestly say. Thank you, Lord for getting me the strength to push through. Going into my 3rd trimester was a little adjustment but at this point, we are just awaiting baby J’s arrival. So without further or do…Omg I’m so excited to share that my hubby and I are having a beautiful baby girl!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY.

Throughout my pregnancy, so many people tried to place on us what they wanted us to have but I never received anything anyone said but my own prayers to the father. We wanted a girl so we prayed about it, give it to Lord and guess what I’m a true believer of “Ask and you shall receive”.  So we are super excited to meet our little baby girl.

I’m blessed, grateful, and just at a very happy place in my life. Plus, if you know me, the shopping for this child bout to be ridiculous. A mini fashionista and she doesn’t even know if yet. We getting closer and it’s almost time. I hope everyone has a blessed month with love, peace, and joy in your hearts.


Summer Wedding Dress Tips

This past weekend I was able to spend some much-needed quality time with my family. For me, it felt like two seconds but we have yet another memory to add to our list. My sister had a reception that was really nice and it is always good to see family have a blast and enjoying time together. Although my feet were swollen I was able to dance from my seat.

To start this outfit off, I styled it with a pair of Zjewels whitetassel earrings and a glitter purse to add some color from Tracee Ellis rose’s JCPenney line, which I’m not sure is in stock anymore. For wedding picture purposes, I was going for a low heel to minimize the heel size since I’ve been dealing with swelling due to my pregnancy. I finished the entire look off with this cute and comfortable midi wrap dress from boohoo.com.

Summer weddings are called for stylish maxi dresses, loose pants, or even sandals. I love the summer, although sometimes it can be hot, you can always get a cooling beverage to refresh your body. Stay cool, stay hydrated and thanks for visiting today!

Purse: Jcpenneys. Dress: BooHoo Earrings: Zjewels. Shoes: local shop.