Day Nugget


Sometimes you just need to take a step back, let people make their own mistakes, be there when they need you, and shut the hell up. At the end of the day, people are going do what they want to do anyway.

In any situation, a person will do what they want to do. Just be there because you can't force people into doing things you want them to do. People won't learn if mistakes aren't involved. Trying to change people for what you might see or think is the best for them is their choice. Over the years I have learned to mind my business. Sometimes your friends, siblings, family members, and associates don't need another mother, they need a friend, a listening ear. So be there despite what you think they should do, be there whether you think there are other ways or routes in life. Besides, how are they to learn if you continue to make a choice for them? Now, needless to say, if someone asks my honest opinion, I will honestly give it but otherwise, I won't say anything just listen. 

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently". Henry Ford

I just want you to think about this topic and put these into your own life and see how your individual self could benefit from that. "Be quick to listen, slow to speak" one of my favorite scriptures James 1:19. What are your thoughts? Do I have a point?

Baecation Blog 2017

It is the first week of May and I’m already ready to go back on baecation. Its is me, or does anyone else want to get paid to travel? I am just reflexing on my recent vacation with the hubby and when I tell you, we were looking for relaxation, that exactly what we did. My husband and I planned a week bae-cay with carnival cruise, who we love to travel with. This particular vacation we choose to board the CarnivalTriumph, which could use some work but it was just what we needed.

We are frequent cruiser, so I was excited to find out that I am now a gold member (I felt important for a minute) which basically mean I have been cruising a lot. This was probably one of the most relaxed ships I have boarded because to be honest there wasn’t too much going on other than the awesome and hilarious comedy shows that “HappyCole” performed. Time away is something I have always cherish because it makes great memories. We slept, we ate, and we both gained 5 extra pounds to show for it. I needed this vacation. Work has been at its all-time stressful, school is running my life, and I honestly felt like I was about to pop.

First stop was Cozumel Mexico, man when I tell you, I love Cozumel. If you’re ever looking for alcoholic deals Cozumel is the place to visit. It is a simple but fun island to visit. If you're look for a place to want to shop, get your passport stamp and have a few drink, let's just say I’ve been to Cozumel 5 times. We basically came home with alcohol that would cost a total of $200, In Cozumel we paid half of that. Also, if you are looking for a quick, fun weekday or weekend trip, carnival cruise is the company to cruise with.

Overall this bae-cay gave me the opportunity to reflex, relax, and honestly just breath. Coming back just made me feel like I really have to take care of myself, not allow others to bring me down, and just keep pushing. A baecation vlog will be up on my YouTube channel soon. Hope you guys enjoy, Be Bless and don’t stress. 

Photo Credits: My Husband.

Nike Hat-
Gray Top-
Shorts- Ross
Shoes- Ross

4 Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt

Happy Hump Day! Can Thursday hurry up? It is vacation week for my hubby and I me and I am just excited to have some relax time with the hubby, chilling, sipping margaritas (sounds awesome right?).

A couple of weeks ago, the hubby and I decided to do a little shopping for our vacation. Now anytime I shop if I can find an item that catches my eye, I have to buy it. I typically have a plan going in the mall but I always find myself coming out with about 10 bags. Sad but true. During this time, H&M were having an 80% off sale that I cannot just pass up. Scrolling through the sale section I came across this black HM pleaded skirt.  Guess how much this baby was? $7 to be exact. I went in for vacation clothes and came out with vacation, a birthday outfit, work clothes, and casual pieces.

I realize a lot of people like pleated skirts but necessarily don't know how to wear them. I am here to help because it is real simple. Wear what you want. I was having some fun getting these outfits together and came up with these 4 ways you can wear a pleated skirt. 

Look 1. Wear it with Neon



Look 2. Dress it Down with Tennis Shoes


Look 3. Dress it up with Heeled Sandals

Look 4. Add Some Denim to it.

I have always had a love for pleated skirts, I just could never find one in the right budget. Now that I found my long lost friend, we can now make magic happen. I hope you guys enjoyed all the looks I have shared. If so, which is your favorite? The denim would have to be mine lol. 


HM Black Pleated Skirt