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Summer Wedding Dress Tips

This past weekend I was able to spend some much-needed quality time with my family. For me, it felt like two seconds but we have yet another memory to add to our list. My sister had a reception that was really nice and it is always good to see family have a blast and enjoying time together. Although my feet were swollen I was able to dance from my seat.

 For the reception, it was an inside/outside gathering where I know damn well I was going to be where the AC was circulating. For summer in general, I want an outfit that is loose, comfortable and something that can fit me with my added belly. She wanted us all in white, so my dress from Boohoo was a perfect fit for this occasion. One thing that I love about this dress was how comfortable it was at my sister’s reception. I didn’t sweat and it kept me cool the entire event.

To start this outfit off, I styled it with a pair of Zjewels whitetassel earrings and a glitter purse to add some color from Tracee Ellis rose’s JCPenney line, which I’m not sure is in stock anymore. For wedding picture purposes, I was going for a low heel to minimize the heel size since I’ve been dealing with swelling due to my pregnancy. I finished the entire look off with this cute and comfortable midi wrap dress from boohoo.com.

Summer weddings are called for stylish maxi dresses, loose pants, or even sandals. I love the summer, although sometimes it can be hot, you can always get a cooling beverage to refresh your body. Stay cool, stay hydrated and thanks for visiting today!

Purse: Jcpenneys. Dress: BooHoo Earrings: Zjewels. Shoes: local shop.

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