Gray Dress + Black Booties

Sooooo is it really Thursday already? That saying "there isn't enough time in one day" is a thought that comes to mind just about every calendar day, before you know it we will be celebrating Christmas and working on our next year resolutions.


 One random weekend I went to visit my mom in town. Close to her area, there is a bunch of local shops that sell trendy items and many sale racks (my favorite). I took a scroll around the store and came across this comfortable cute gray dress that I feel will go with about any pair of shoes in my closet. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I realized this baby was $5. Now you guys know I had to have, right? I decide to rock these wear booties, my black purse, and this cute $5 gray dress to finish the look. For five dollars you cannot beat it with a stick. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

Dress- Local Shop
Booties (similar)-
Green Sunglasses (similar)-

Hi guys, just stopping by to get you ready for your “Big Easy” trip! Happy Mardi Gras. If you need some help about Mardi Gras or just need to know what to pack? Take a look at my How to get Mardi Gras Ready! Hope you guys enjoy because I did. If you like this video give me a thumb up. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and come follow me on all my social media’s below.
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Collar Wool Coat Trend & white cami

Hey guys, I don’t know about anybody else but I’m beginning to feel like my days are getting longer and longer. To even have a moment to write this post, is considered my “hum” as Shonda Rhimes would say in her latest book “Year of Yes” (review coming soon). 

It may be the constant material I’m adding to my plate but Zak is long overdue for a vacay. It has been a year in a half since my last trip. I am not talking domestically, I’m talking beach, palm trees, and margaritas with the hubby (damn that sounds dreamy). We are currently in the process of planning a vacation as soon as possible. I am that person who will explode if I just work hard with no play involved. Sometimes in random work conversations, I’ve heard coworkers say “I haven’t taken a vacation in years”. That’s insane to me because honestly every since I met my husband, we take at least 2 trips a year. So, to hear someone say that is a little bit of mix up for me (in my Hilary Clinton voice).

Lately, Houston weather has been unpredictable, hot one moment and cold the next. Are you kidding me?! Not to mention my electricity going up (but we will save that for another post). You basically have to style your looks in the south accordingly. To be honest, nine times out of ten I throw on whatever's in my view then boost the look up with some jewelry. 

For this look, I was going for something more winter meets casual. A look I can wear with my collar coat and my white cami to finish it. Olive greens and neutrals are something I’m obsessing over at the moment. If you were to take a peek into my closet, you can see what color scheme are predominant. I am feeling good in my Shawl Collar Coat but most of the time by midday, this joker will be coming off. Let me know what are you guys favorite part of this look. Do you guys love my winter meets casual look? Details below.  

White Cami-
Tan Shawl Collar-
Shoes- Local shoe store